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Smokers Educating Smokers

I'm a Non-smoker - What Can I Do?

A Call for Reasonable Tobacco Taxes
What is the best use of your tax dollars?
What About the Children?
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I'm a Non-smoker - What Can I Do?
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Brands to Buy
Who Are We?
What Can I Do?
What is the MSA?
The "I Quit" Letter
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click here to download Non-Smoker's "I Quit" letter

I am a non-smoker – What can I do?


  • Educate every smoker you know about the tax revolt and its' purpose - then urge them to switch for change. 
  • Inform other nonsmokers how many smokers are already seeking alternative and tax free means of obtaining tobacco products.  This reduces revenue collections and costs all citizens needed revenue.  This would not happen if there were a tax rate smokers were willing to support.
  • If you are inclined to do so, send in the “I Quit for non-smokers” letter and tell your governor you support fair and just tobacco taxation.  Tell your governor that revenue should pay for health care, not health nagging.  Excise taxes and MSA dollars should be used for education (where they teach health issues), transportation, public safety, care of the disabled and elderly, mental health and drug addiction care and solutions.
  • Too much of the states revenue is spent to attack a legal product and not enough is spent addressing real social needs.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are legal products.  The government should educate citizens of the risk associated with the use of them and let it be.  It is each adult’s choice to use or not.