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Copy or download the "I Quit" letter and
send it to your Governor.

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I Quit


Dear Governor,


As a smoker and tax-paying citizen of this state, I am joining a nationwide smokers strike to inform the Governors of the states that smokers will no longer accept excessive and punitive taxation.  Nor will we accept unnecessary restrictions and regulations any longer.

Until that day comes, I will not purchase another pack of cigarettes manufactured by Phillip Morris, R J Reynolds, Brown & Williamson or Liggett - including any of their sub brands – I will no longer support the Master Settlement Agreement.  Instead, I will buy brands made by non-MSA companies


Smokers will willingly pay a fair rate of taxation:


  • Smokers request an end to smoking bans in adult only locations.  Businesses owners should choose to cater to smokers, nonsmokers, or both.
  • Smokers will not accept the taxation of non-tobacco products like pipes, cigarette papers or any other smoking accessories. 
  • Smokers will not accept a mail order ban.  Instead, states should equalize their tobacco taxes – this will end the now booming black-market as well as save the states millions of dollars in tobacco tax enforcement.  Then the only reason to mail order would be to purchase a product not available in their area - not to avoid excessive taxes. 
  • Tobacco retailers should not be punished for selling a legal product by paying excessive and unreasonable licensing fees


Every smoker, and everyone who knows a cigarette smoker will enlist their support to boycott the Master Settlement Agreement cigarette brands until taxes are fair and reasonable.


I smoke and I vote!


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