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"I'll tell you why I like the cigarette business.  It cost a penny to make, it sells for a dollar, it's addictive and there's fantastic brand loyalty."
                                        - Warren Buffett, The Economist, 1992.
Government, Big Tobacco, and even investors count on you, the major brand cigarette smoker, to be married to your brand, too loyal to a brand to fight back against the companies who have simply passed on the costs of the MSA to you.  Meanwhile, they continue to reap billions in profits at the expense of their loyal customers.

If cigarette smoker's don't lay down their brand and go on strike, little can be done to change the course of events.

Are you so loyal to those MSA brands that you can't switch brands for six months to a year?

Are you so addicted to your brand that you can't tell big tobacco and big government they've gone too far with price and tax increases?

Are you so loyal you'll just keep paying and paying or are you finally ready to make a change?

Spread the message of this site to other brand name smokers and stop being the cash cow of big governement and big business.

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The following sites are working for just and fair taxation of a legal product.  They cannot do it alone.  Their efforts won’t be effective if they don’t have support.  Every smoker needs to become a free will activist by joining the fight and spreading the word.  There’s much more at stake than just the freedom to smoke.

Why are we here?  We are trying to educate smokers about their rights and motivate them to stand up for themselves!  We don't make any money from this site or any site we send you to visit.  We don't accept advertising.  All we ask is that you spread the word and learn to stand up for yourself!
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