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Smokers Educating Smokers

Who Are We?

A Call for Reasonable Tobacco Taxes
What is the best use of your tax dollars?
What About the Children?
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I'm a Non-smoker - What Can I Do?
Our Objectives
Contact Your Governor
Brands to Buy
Who Are We?
What Can I Do?
What is the MSA?
The "I Quit" Letter
Brands to Boycott
Nonprofit Organizations
Activist Tools

  • We are smokers who are tired of being taxed
    because we choose to smoke.
  • We are not against taxes - we are against unreasonable taxation.
  • We are not conservative, liberal, anti-tax,
    or anti-government
    We want reasonable taxes for all citizens.
  • Ask us to pay our fair share and we will.
Don't  ask us to shoulder the cost of low income health care, road repairs, trauma centers, and other things that have nothing to do with smoking - these are things entire communities should be paying for - not the small minority who are smokers.
We are not associated with any tobacco company, political group, or business.  We have no funding and our only goal is to see a return of reasonable taxation.
Enough is enough!