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Smokers Educating Smokers

What Can I Do?

A Call for Reasonable Tobacco Taxes
What is the best use of your tax dollars?
What About the Children?
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I'm a Non-smoker - What Can I Do?
Our Objectives
Contact Your Governor
Brands to Buy
Who Are We?
What Can I Do?
What is the MSA?
The "I Quit" Letter
Brands to Boycott
Nonprofit Organizations
Activist Tools

click here to download flyer

click here to download wallet cards

If you are a smoker, click here to download "I Quit" letter

If you are a non-smoker, click here to download Non-Smoker's I Quit Letter

What can a smoker do to change the way
things work?

  •  The most important thing you can do is to change brands to a non-MSA brand.  The only way we can get the states attention is to hit them in the same place they hit us
    - the wallet!

  •  Download the flyer on this page and post it in a public place like bowling alleys, grocery stores, laundry mats, and other high traffic areas.  Spread the word and get other smokers thinking about it.

  • Be a fighter, not a victim of big government
    and big business! 
  • Stop paying into the system.
  • Make this tax revolt your tax Independance Day!
  • If you feel the need, let your governor know you are on strike by sending a copy of the "I Quit" letter to your Governor. so they know you aren't going to be their scapegoat any longer!  Let them know that raising taxes is no longer an option.  Send the letter to your governor as soon as possible.  We need to contact the governors before their state legislatures start sending them cigarette and tobacco tax increases.