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What About the Children?

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What About the Children?
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Every politician lives in fear of hearing “we’re doing it for the children.” 


Who is cold hearted enough to turn down a chance to help children?


Too often, children are used as propaganda tools by anti-smoking groups shamelessly gobbling up tax dollars for their political agendas.


Anti-smoking groups are incredibly well funded – from both private and government donors.  We think the funds they take “for the children” could be better spent:


Protecting children from child abuse.

Giving children back the freedom to play in their own front yards by making sure prisons are adequately funded.  Prisoners shouldn’t be released early due to budget cuts. 

Educating children.  Right now, children are sitting in over-populated, under-funded schools due to years of education spending cuts?  Is this how the next generation of Americans deserves to be educated?  We don’t think so.

Providing after school activities for children.  Children should be playing in the school band or participating in other extra curricular activities instead of being alone and unsupervised.  They are missing out on things that used to be a normal part of education.

Caring for children by ensuring health care for low and moderate income families.

These things aren’t being provided because money that could go to help them is going to pay for anti-tobacco’s agenda to warn adults of the dangers and horrors of a legal product?


Hey, it is ok if kids can’t read or write – surely they can overcome a poorly funded and inadequate educational experience as long as they never use a tobacco product!







Duh!  Children shouldn’t smoke.  Is there someone in the country who is still unclear on this concept?  They shouldn’t smoke and it is the parents’ job to see that they don’t.  Every single state has laws on the books to prevent retailers from selling to minors.  Some states have laws that make it a crime for minors to possess and/or use a tobacco product – and really, all states should enact these laws.  Anyone who sells tobacco or alcohol to a minor should face stiff penalites and so should any minor caught in possession of tobacco or alcohol.