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Smokers Educating Smokers

A Call for Reasonable Tobacco Taxes

A Call for Reasonable Tobacco Taxes
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Smokers should not be asked to subsidize services for the general population because we chose to smoke:

  • Cigarette taxes should be capped at fifty cents per pack and remain at this tax rate for the duration of the Master Settlement Agreement.
  • Bulk and pipe tobaccos should be taxed at no more than ten percent of the wholesale cost. 
  • Cigars that are not 100% tobacco should be taxed at no more than ten percent of their wholesale cost.
  • Cigars that are 100% tobacco taxed at no more than twenty-five cents per cigar.
  • There should be no taxes of any kind on non-tobacco smoking items like papers and rolling machines.
  • There should be no restriction on trade between states.  If taxes are reasonable, the only reason to purchase a tobacco product online would be because an item is'not available in a certain area of the country, not to avoid excessive taxation.